Wine for us is first of all an experience to live.

The visit to Cantinarte Museum in Bucchianico (Chieti) is an unique experience to live and enjoy, which surely, if you are a tourist in Abruzzo, will enrich your journey; if you are a curious food and wine expert this experience will bring new information to your wine and extra virgin olive oil’s knowledge.

At Cantinarte farm’s historic site you will find a particular atmosphere in which you will be the starring. For this reason we have chosen a very particular location.

The visit to the Museum

We will open the Museum,born in 1700, and after we will begin with you a journey in the historical rooms, telling to you stories about the place and, looking the artistic installations, we will arrive the the tasting room. Once arrived here, the five senses will be exalted, smell and taste mostly.

In the tasting room, an expert sommelier indeed will make you taste the products of the CantinArte’s company, He will you tell everything about production, a sort of exclusive sensory journey, a completely new way of learning about wine’s world.

An ancient museum in the heart of Abruzzo where you will find an expert oneologist and you will be the starring of the guided visit to the museum’s rooms.

Book the guided tour

  • Visits with guided tasting are organized every day, holidays included, after having made a reservation.

    Visits can be performed in Italian or English language.

    Reservations are mandatory.

    For any information or to book the tour with guided tasting you can contact: or call at +39 0871 575427

    Bucchianico, street san Camillo 21