We have chosen to make you live a unique experience made of wine, art and culture. For this reason we have chosen a very special location. An old 18th century cellar where time seems to have stopped.

In this environment it is still possible to admire the typical tools for the production of wine and oil, the same that the ancient Romans had invented. Ingenious tools for turning grapes into wine and olives into oil, even with the help of animals, such as donkeys.

Come visit us

The Cantinarte Museum is located in the village of Bucchianico (Chieti) and It stands where once there was an old factory built in the early eighteenth century.

The oil museum was born with the desire to open its doors to visitors interested in the idea of dwelling in front of a place that still perfectly retains its tools to transform grapes and olives.

All those interested in doing “an immersion in the gastronomic culture of Abruzzo” are welcome, inviting them to know the history of the mill, rich in aspects of archeology and industry, making them dwell on the analysis of ancient artifacts and their functioning, comparing ancient and modern methods of extraction.

At the stage of knowledge through a tasting lesson of wine and oil, will follow a pleasant guided tasting held by an expert in the industry who will discover some representative products of Abruzzo production, illustrating the areas of origin, the cultivars, the type of production , food pairings.

Wine and oil wait for you!

Become the starring during the visit! You will be involved in sensory paths, a new visit formula for the Wine Museum, designed to support and enhance the capacity of the museum and to involve the visitor. An expert narrator of local oenology will accompany you on a visit that will wind through the museum’s rooms. Waiting for you is not only the surprising setting that characterizes the museum and that guides them on a journey into the world of wine, but also a true experience that involves all the senses.