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Visit the CantinArte Wine Museum

Chieti (CH)

Join us for a stroll along a path that connects past and present. The CantinArte winery is located in an area dedicated to welcoming gourmets interested in CantinArte’s wonderful world of winemaking.

Stories, information, videos and tastings, a sensorial journey designed to welcome visitors in a fun, friendly atmosphere!

We at CantinArte are delighted to welcome visitors!


There are five great reasons to visit CantinArte’s Wine Museume

1) We give all our visitors a warm welcome
2) We offer you a professional tasting experience
3) Our motto at CantinArte is “Fun for visitors!”
4) As visitors you will play an active role during your tour
5) We will involve you in an entertaining sensorial test

Let yourself be swept along on a wave of wine culture.

We are happy to take you on guided tasting tours every day, including Sundays and public holidays, as long as you book in advance.

Our tours are always offered in Italian or in English.

For information and/or to book a tour with guided tastings contact our booking office:

email: info@cantinarte.com
Phone: +39 349 6992199
Via Piaggio - Parco Paglia
Chieti Scalo (CH)


Where We Are

Via Piaggio - Parco Paglia, 66100 Chieti, Italia

For reservations, information and contacts please call:

+(39) 0871 575427 o a: info@cantinarte.com

Note: The museum is open by appointment from Monday to Sunday

Cantinarte - 66100 Chieti Scalo (CH) - Italy - info@cantinarte.com - +39 0871 575427