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There are 5 great reasons to visit the CantinArte oil museum.

What kind of visitor are you?

-Fine food and wine gourmet
- Foodie
-Interested in industrial archaeology
-Italian or foreign tourist
-Interested in local traditions

Whoever you are, the CantinArte museums will satisfy your desire for knowledge as you spend enjoyable hours in the company of qualified staff who are more than able to keep you entertained, and remember that we will definitely give you the star treatment!

The CantinArte oil museum is housed in an ancient oil mill, dating back to the 1700s, refurbished by the CantinArte winery to welcome all those who have an interest in exploring Abruzzo’s centuries-old culture that is not only about the olive but much more besides.

The magic of this museum is felt as soon as the visitor crosses the threshold to discover the authentic interior that is true to the original site. 

The CantinArte oil museum is an interactive site where visitors play an active part in their tour, which explains why thousands of gourmets and history buffs come to visit every year .

1) You will use your senses to learn and understand the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

comprendere l'olio

2) You will not get bored! This museum is interactive!


3) The CantinArte oil museum displays production tools identical to those invented by the Romans 2,000 years ago.

pressa antica

4) You will laugh a lot and learn all about extra virgin olive oil.


5) You will travel in time to a 1700s olive mill.

frantoio del 1700


The CantinArte oil museum building is made up of several rooms and provides a narrative of how olives were transformed into extra virgin olive oil.

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