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A journey in time

The CantinArte oil museum building is made up of several rooms and provides a narrative of how olives were transformed into extra virgin olive oil using donkey power and human skill. This site, recognized in 2008 by the Italian Environment Fund Agency (EFAI) as a special location for industrial archaeology, was once a works and is the ideal spot for anyone who wants to learn more about farming history and work cycles.

The donkey and the millstone

When the CantinArte oil museum opens its doors, visitors are greeted by a large grinding wheel in Majella stone. Here the olives were collected to be crushed and pulped into a paste. The millstone was driven by a blindfolded donkey.


The impressive press

After this initial crushing, the olive paste was pressed in a machine that was eight metres long, and whose measurements and proportions were those dictated by the ancient Roman writer, Pliny the Elder. This press was a gem of craftsmanship and worked by two men who pushed an ingenious system of levers and pivots that then compressed the hemp discs which filtered the water and oil contained by the olives.

Questi due liquidi per caduta, scendevano in una vasca di raccolta, che si trovava sotto la pressa. Questo luogo era chiamato "l'inferno" toponimo molto ben descrittivo, infatti esso era sotto il livello del piano di calpestio. L'olio di oliva veniva raccolto da due uomini che si mettevano ai lati della vasca di raccolta e, aiutati da uno strumento chiamato "lu mappe", prelevavano l'olio che affiorava in superficie. Un lavoro duro, che richiedeva molto tempo, sforzo e pazienza.

Let yourself be swept along on a wave of wine and extra virgin olive oil culture

The rooms that follow were used to preserve and store the olive oil, and are now where designer installations illustrate olive harvesting, pruning and other work in the fields.

A unique experience that visitors love for the atmosphere steeped in history and the guided tour of the senses.

We are happy to take you on guided tasting tours every day, including Sundays and public holidays, as long as you book in advance.
Guided tasting tours are available every day, including Sundays and public holidays as long as you book 24 hours in advance. Our tours are offered in Italian and in English.

For information and/or to book a tour with guided tastings contact our booking office:

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CantinArte museums will satisfy your desire for knowledge as you spend enjoyable hours in the company of qualified staff who are more than able to keep you entertained.


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