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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The miracle of pressed olives Since the time I was born, extra virgin olive oil has been a staple in my families cuisine. For us, it is a fundamental dressing for any dish as we include it daily in our meals. Extra virgin olive oil is reminiscent of healthy and genuine Italian cooking as it has been processed in our region for thousands of years. Nowadays, this process is carried out at the end of October, when the orchards are full with olives and joyful families are friends who participate in this traditional event of harvesting.

olio d'oliva

The happiness and energy felt throughout the orchards in this time makes each taste of the hard earned olive oil better with every bite. After hours and days of work, the incredible results of the squeezed olives are a gift from nature that my family is blessed to be able to share with you. Since when I was born the extravirgin olive oil was on my dishes. For us it is a foundamental dress, we cannot have any meal without using it.

The e.v.o. represent the culture of healthy and genuine cousine. It is something that people in our area made since thousand and thousand years ago and that nowadays we make at the end of October.

In these days the orchards are full of joyfull since families, children and old people join to this ritual event. My heart during that period blows of happyness and I breath the energy coming from people which look forward to taste after hours and days of work, the incredible result of a squeeze of olives. That’s a gift from the Nature and we are blessed.





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