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Cantinarte Oil Museum

Bucchianico (CH)

Cantinarte’s Oil Museum of Cantinarte is located in the town of Bucchianico (province of Chieti), built on the site of old mill that dated back to the early eighteenth century.

The oil museum was founded with the aim of opening its doors to visitors interested in spending time in a place that has preserved in perfect condition the equipment once used to press olives into precious oil.

We welcome anyone keen to experience a full immersion in oil culture, inviting them to learn about the history of the mill, a perfect example of industrial archeology, taking in the facts about these ancient artifacts and how they work, comparing the differences between ancient and modern extraction methods.

The tour is completed with an oil-tasting lesson and, best of all, delicious samples tasted with the help of a sector expert who will explain some of the most typical oils produced in Abruzzo, illustrating the areas of origin, cultivars, type of production, how to recognize oil defects, and how to pair with food.


The CantinArte oil museum building is made up of several rooms and provides a narrative of how olives were transformed into extra virgin olive oil.

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Why Visit Us

CantinArte museums will satisfy your desire for knowledge as you spend enjoyable hours in the company of qualified staff who are more than able to keep you entertained.


Where We Are

Via San Camillo 21

66011 Bucchianico - Italia

+(39) 0871 575427



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Cantinarte - 66100 Chieti Scalo (CH) - Italy - info@cantinarte.com - +39 0871 575427