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High quality oil Secrets

Oropuro: The best possible definition of a food extremely valuable for health, even more so because it is an extra virgin olive oil, organic, produced with techniques and processes that make it rich in important nutritional properties.

extravergine oliva

As an extra virgin olive oil Oropuro fully enjoys all the beneficial properties shown until now. So what makes it a high-quality oil?

It is an organic oil, therefore there are not any pesticides or other chemical treatments used on the olives, so it results in a higher quality product free of chemical residues.

It is interesting to know that the polyphenols are generally produced by the plant under stress conditions, when it is forced to fight against adverse climatic conditions: well there are certain theories that an organic product because they do not benefit of "chemical aids" during growing, are more inclined to have a greater content in polyphenols. Last but not least an organic oil is an oil more environmentally friendly.




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